Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) are committed to the digitalization of their assets and have invested in a program dedicated to implementing predictive maintenance to prevent failures, provide uninterrupted services to their customers and reduce the cost of their operation.

NWL’s aim is to provide the best service they can to just under 4.4 million people.

NWL employs just under 3,000 people and operates:


  • 53 water treatment works
  • 394 water pumping stations
  • 341 water service reservoirs
  • 26,200.20 km water mains
  • 410 sewage treatment works
  • 1,007 sewage pumping stations
  • 30,106 km sewers


NWL tested various predictive maintenance solutions to prevent failures and monitor the health of their critical equipment. AsystomPredict was selected as part of a pilot to choose the best solution.

During the trial in June 2021, it did not take long for AsystomPredict to prove its worth to NWL. Within days of being installed on a pump, a lubrication leak was detected thanks to a spike in ultrasound levels and an alert was generated. The team was able to make the repair without any damage to the equipment or a costly shutdown. This was the beginning of what has turned out to be real teamwork and a voyage of discovery between NWL who have deployed AsystomPredict on 8 sites so far and more will follow.


Prediction of a failure and advanced diagnosis of its cause

Asystom, a leading company in Industry 4.0, now offers a solution that goes beyond predictive maintenance. Indeed, combining sensors and advanced diagnostics of machine health assisted by artificial intelligence, AsystomAdvisor, allows its users not only to be alerted well in advance of a possible machine failure, but also to be able to instantly visualize, regardless of their skill level, the probable root causes of it.

AsystomSentinel beacons monitor not only temperature and triaxial vibration, but also ultrasound (precursor of vibrations that cause damage to a machine).


Dave Watson, Reliability Engineering Manager at NWL comments: “We have developed a great working relationship with Asystom over the last 12 months and found them to be responsive and knowledgeable, helping us gain early detection of potential asset failure and allowing us to make proactive interventions. The multi-sensor beacons have proved accurate and quick to deploy and the incident advisor has given us useful insight into the causes of failure at an affordable cost.

 The LoRa connectivity between the sensor and gateway has performed well and Asystom have been proactive in developing their platform and the use of AI to enhance its diagnostic capability”


Andre Naccache, Managing Director at Asystom adds: “The Northumbrian Water team have been a fantastic customer to work with. Committed to their project, positive, they have worked greatly with our team to run the pilot and the initial deployment. Due to Covid restrictions installations, set-up and training were successfully achieved remotely and in a record time – demonstrating the simplicity of the implementation of our solution. We look forward to building further this valuable relationship” says André Naccache, Managing Director at Asystom.


About Asystom:

Created in 2016, by Pierre Naccache, supported by an experienced international team, Asystom is located in the Toulouse region (France). The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of universal intelligent monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance. Asystom already has a prestigious list of clients worldwide, as well as a growing team of strategic partners in diverse industries across the world


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