Breakdowns affects all industries, we don’t want to leave any of them behind

metal and mining industry

Metal and Mining

Keep a close eye on what matters most to you: melting temperature, cooling… Even in difficult conditions, AsystomPredict supports you. 

Use cases:

• Arcelor – Steel industry: game changer reliability and productivity

• Trimet – Aluminium products : early failure detected minimizing loss of production

Pharmaceutical industry


Keep your environment clean with our simple, non-intrusive solution. Monitor your air handling unit(AHU) or sterile fluid flow.

Use cases:

• UPSA – Unplanned shutdown avoided and 50k cost saving

Sanofi – Detection of a damaged bearing

Manufacturing industry


Anticipate your repair needs to optimize your output. We help you choose when to replace a belt or oil a motor throughout your production line.

Use cases:

• Terreal – Clay building cladding: an integral part of factory digitalization

Oil and gas industry

Oil and gas

AsystomPredict is certified to be deployed in ATEX conditions (offshore, refineries). Don’t move on site anymore, we give you the means to monitor remotely even in ultra-difficult conditions.

Use cases:

Coming soon

water and waste industry

Water and waste

Your systems and facilities have important logistical and supply issues. We help you to always answer the call.

Use cases:

food industry


Each breakdown can lead to the loss of your production. Fermented products, short shelf life, cold chain, we are here to help you.

Use cases:

• Animal feed production: 2 days shutdown avoided

• Beverages production: unexpected failure avoided

Predicting failures and breakdowns on critical assets of any age and model for leading customers around the world.

AsystomPredict has already prevented many days of unplanned downtime, saved thousands in emergency repair costs and allowed maintenance teams to know the health of their equipment in real time.

Find below some real life examples from our clients and how they benefitted from using AsystomPredict to monitor their critical assets.

See how works our universal smart monitoring solution for predictive maintenance

  • Designed to be flexible

  • Endowed with intelligence

  • Set up to be scalable