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Some Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Asystom case differ from other connected sensors on the market?2021-05-06T16:01:56+02:00

There are many other players in the predictive maintenance market, but these are not necessarily Edge computing like those designed by our team.

Moreover, they have (by far) neither the same quantity of analysis parameters, nor our quality of intelligent data processing, nor finally of our simplicity of use (reduced dimensions, battery with 5 years of autonomy, non-intrusive …)

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How is this multi-sensor package “at the edge”?2021-05-06T16:03:15+02:00

Our sentinel beacons are considered “at the edge” because the algorithmic analysis of the raw data is done directly inside the box (not in the cloud) and thus at the closest of the machines, then stored in the box and sent via a router on a platform for further analysis and playback on any media.

Is the viewing platform accessible online or is it an application / software to install on a pc?2018-09-04T15:02:20+02:00

Our visualization platform is internet based. This makes it accessible without any prior installation and on all media (mobile, tablet, pc …)

Can our solution work with your own hosting ?2018-09-04T15:04:54+02:00

Yes, without any problem. The intelligent data collected by our devices can be sent to any server, encrypted and secure.

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