Let AsystomPredict take you beyond predictive maintenance

One universal solution to optimize your performance: AsystomSentinel, AsystomInfra and AsystomAdvisor

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One universal solution to optimize your performance

Asystom delivers a comprehensive, turnkey, universal and stand-alone predictive maintenance solution for industrial equipment.

AsystomAdvisor web platform with our multi-sensor disposal

A comprehensive predictive maintenance solution

Asystom provides a complete solution for predictive maintenance, from measurement to visualization, including analysis and secure data transmission.

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Multiple features

Universal and autonomous, the Asystom solution for equipment
control and fault prevention is flexible, adaptable and scalable.

Why chose Asystom?

• AsystomPredict brings a new era for monitoring industrial equipment 

• Installed in just ONE minute

• Suits every maintenance needs: from beginner to experts

• Open flexible architecture

• A unique hybridization of both sound and vibration​​

Make up your mind and request a trial

The technology developed by Asystom can be adapted to numerous use cases. You can now test our predictive maintenance solution in-situ on 3 measuring points of your choice *