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From alerts to diagnostics as well as deeper data analysis, our visualization application allows users to understand the health of their machines in just one look.

Extract of the analysis diagrams superimposed on a photo of an industrial machine

Understand in one look 

AsystomAdvisor is a visualization, diagnostic and alert platform that gives you access to the management of your beacon pool and the data collected by each of them. Understand in one look, access the right information in one click !

AsystomAdvisor dashboard overview - Visualization platform

Machine status: automated alerts

Check the health of ALL machines in just ONE look with Anomaly Detector. Through learning and alert automation, the indicators do the job for you.

Extract from the predictive maintenance dashboard showing the anomaly score. Trend score and current score on the left and a curve on the right
Extract from the predictive maintenance dashboard, visualization platform, table that presents the category of fault with symptoms and possible causes.

Diagnostics and possible root causes

In case of an anomaly, Incident Advisor will give a probability of anomaly and its evolution. It will also list the possible root causes for an easier repair intervention.

Graphic classification of possible anomalies

Classification of all possible anomalies in just one graph to suit the needs of every type of user from beginner to expert. AsystomAdvisor allows access to detailed analysis in just one click.

Extract from the predictive maintenance dashboard, Anomaly classification chart in pie chart.

Let Asystom take you beyond predictive maintenance

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