Castelnaudary, March 20, 2024 – Asystom, a pioneer in the field of industrial technological innovation, announces the launch of a groundbreaking application aimed at monitoring industrial valves. This wireless, easy-to-install application is non-intrusive and stands out for its simplicity and unmatched efficiency in the market.


Developed in partnership with TotalEnergies’ industrial site in Tempa Rossa, Basilicata, Italy, this solution leverages the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) to offer real-time, autonomous monitoring of industrial valves, detecting any internal leaks due to wear and tear.



Valve Monitoring: A Critical need for Industrial Operators.

Production site managers need to regularly check the condition of their valves to ensure process quality and prevent potentially dangerous leaks. Such monitoring is crucial for industries, as internal leaks can significantly impact energy expenses, industrial process efficiency, and environmental preservation.

However, traditional monitoring processes are expensive and often require specific organization, like monthly site visits with probes to analyze the valve condition at that moment. Continuous analysis at a reasonable cost has not been available until now.


A 100% Asystom Project Born from Constructive Exchange with TotalEnergies’ Tempa Rossa Site in Italy


Recognizing this challenge, the TotalEnergies industrial site in Tempa Rossa was in search of a suitable solution.

“At our Tempa Rossa site, we are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative but also accessible technologies capable of solving the various issues inherent to a production site such as ours. It is in this context that the adaptable, universal, and intelligent solution for assisting in the diagnostic of industrial machines’ operations, designed and developed by Asystom, a leading French company in predictive maintenance and diagnostic assistance for Industry 4.0, caught our attention. Working hand in hand with their teams to contribute to the development of this cutting-edge technology for the industry was therefore a clear decision,” explains Giuseppe Maggio, Digital Focal Point at TotalEnergies, Tempa Rossa.


Since its establishment eight years ago, Asystom has consistently been at the forefront of innovative practices in monitoring industrial equipment. Diverging from conventional methods that rely on pre-existing databases, Asystom introduces a self-learning AI that can create its own data from vibratory and acoustic sensors. This groundbreaking method guarantees precise and dependable diagnostics, enabling industries to predict failures and enhance maintenance strategies.

“For several months, we had been eager to initiate a project for an app specifically dedicated to valve monitoring, in partnership with an industrial entity. We established a constructive dialogue with the TotalEnergies team, sharing the common goal of addressing and adapting AsystomPredict technology to the Industry needs for valves monitoring. We required a production site to test the feasibility and development of our new app. The TotalEnergies site in Tempa Rossa, Italy, offered us an opportunity to collaborate on a large scale: we would provide them with beacons they could deploy and technical support. In return, the site would grant us access to invaluable data crucial for refining our solution. AsystomPredict – Valve Monitoring thus serves as the perfect example of the benefits of collaborative development with our clients, where everyone benefits. This innovative technology is now available to all industry stakeholders,” clarifies André Naccache, Managing Director and Co-founder of Asystom.

AsystomPredict – Valve Monitoring, a Major Technological Advance in Predictive Maintenance


Offering an efficient and innovative solution for early leak detection and proactive maintenance of industrial valves, the Asystom-developed application, based on IoT and AI, marks a significant advancement in the field of industrial monitoring.

Using ultrasonic technologies combined with unique learning algorithms, AsystomPredict – Valve Monitoring adapts to any type of valve and industry, regardless of the nature of the fluids or usage conditions. Its external mounting system, without any intrusion, allows for quick installation in a few minutes, even in hazardous environments, thus offering optimal flexibility to operators.

Upon installation on a valve, the application begins to analyze its operation, recording opening and closing cycles. After a learning period, the application provides accurate information on the valve’s condition and alerts in case of suspected leaks, thus enabling preventive intervention before problems worsen.

With this cutting-edge technology, companies can improve their operational efficiency while reducing their environmental impact, contributing to a more sustainable industrial future.


About Asystom :

Founded in 2016 by Pierre Naccache, along with a strong international team, the innovative startup Asystom is located in the heart of the Occitanie region. While its headquarters are in Castelnaudary, its R&D is based in Toulouse. The company specializes in the development, manufacture, and marketing of universal smart monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance. Asystom already boasts globally renowned clients and a growing list of strategic partners across various industries worldwide.

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