About Asystom

Born in 2016, Asystom is focused on the development of solutions combining sensors and embedded intelligence to prevent breakdowns of industrial equipment.

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The Asystom solution

The creation of Asystom comes from witnessing industries shortfalls, which cause unplanned production stops. In almost all industries worldwide, the real maintenance costs weights more than 10 times the expected maintenance costs ! Based on this fact and thanks to its team expertise, Asystom has developed a solution that is truly adapted to the immediate needs of Industry maintenance actors.
Our mission is to provide a complete sensor suite coupled with a data visualization platform for maintenance monitoring, service optimization and failure prediction. Having tight control over each step in the process allows us to deliver sustainable solutions to you as well as to adapt to next-gen technologies as efficiently as possible.


Based in Occitanie area (France), Asystom is one of the few companies in the south of France working to boost the industry sector.