Asystom is today announcing its new range of multi-sensor devices to best support manufacturers in the face of the challenges of industry digitalization. They address precisely the predictive maintenance needs of a wide array of industrial equipment, integrating new on-board, connected, energy-saving electronics that can perform in situ analysis. These innovative products offer increased performance; they are also eco-responsible, designed to be 100% upgradeable, operating on standard AA batteries which are simple to install and recyclable via standard waste management operations.


Asystom, a benchmark company in predictive maintenance for Industry 4.0, has designed and marketed a universal, turnkey, stand-alone solution for monitoring equipment and preventing breakdowns. Flexible, adaptable and scalable, it is already installed on many industrial sites in different sectors (e.g. steelworks, automotive, aeronautics, pharmaceutical laboratories, water and waste treatment, food, energy), covering a wide range of use cases. Its innovative technology takes the detailed operating footprint of a machine, to then monitor it in real time, and then give the earliest possible alert of any drift or malfunction. The objective being to improve the productivity and thus the profitability of the production units by avoiding unscheduled shutdowns.


Asystom: an intelligent turnkey solution for predictive maintenance

Measurements of a machine are taken via external multi-sensor devices to measure its state of health, detecting anomalies and drifts from its normal operating footprint. Integrating connected, energy-efficient electronics, non-intrusive and compact, the devices are positioned directly on the equipment to be monitored, without the need for additional wiring or other modifications.

Thanks to algorithmic innovations, Asystom devices process a large number of complex data and transfer them in real time. The devices integrate multiple physical parameters sensors (up to 9 parameters) to predict industrial equipment failures and to determine their causes.

The measured data are transferred safely to server-based storage via a wireless LoRa (Long Range) network, using encrypted data transfer, whilst network deployment does not incur additional installation burden.

Operating alerts, diagnostic tools and device set-up all run on a single web-application.

Eco-responsible range, aligned to Asystom’s values

The entire range has been designed and developed with an eco-responsible vision: 0% obsolescence, a 100% scalable range and products with long autonomy.

We are increasingly seeing the emergence of the principles of a circular and responsible economy. Industry has come to realize that it is better to optimize the use of equipment, which must be durable whilst remaining efficient. Industry digitalization and preventive maintenance are effective means to achieve this as well as improving production capacity. Asystom has developed and designed its products to achieve this vision.

Asystom’s own devices are also in line with this. Customers don’t need to frequently change the batteries of their wireless sensors or, worse, throw them away after 2 or 3 years because they have become obsolete.” comments Stéphane Lhuisset, Technical Director of Asystom.

 Pierre Naccache, founding president of Asystom adds: “We have driven technological innovation by allowing the devices to “wake up” just when needed. Asystom devices can be configured remotely to measure in real time, but also and above all are capable of determining when to take measurements. All data is transmitted in real time and accurately. Information and alerts are presented on an easy-to-use dashboard.”

Finally, these devices are 100% manufactured in Europe.

A complete range of multi-sensor devices, adapted to the needs of industry.

To best meet the predictive maintenance needs of the various industry players, and thus help them maximize the use of their assets, Asystom has brought in new innovation and extended its range of multi-sensor devices.

  • AsystomSentinel Indoor- NEW Increased autonomy!

The original AsystomSentinel Indoor version sees its initial performance increased, particularly in terms of autonomy. Originally with 3 years autonomy, it is now extended to over 5 years, powered by just 2 standard AA batteries. Particularly suitable for an indoor environment, this device is capable of performing multiple measurements, making it possible to monitor 95% of machine applications.

In particular:

– The fusion of vibration and ultrasound measurements,

– The surface temperature of a machine,

– The ambient temperature and humidity.

  • AsystomSentinel Outdoor (IP66) – NEW product!

This new device, AsystomSentinel Outdoor, is intended specifically to be able to work in harsh environments and in extreme conditions (dust and severe weather in particular). Its integrated vibration and ultrasound sensors allow it to efficiently and accurately detect all kinds of equipment drifts. Its computational capacity enables powerful and reliable analysis. Its miniaturized remote probe allows installation even on a small area, for more precise monitoring. This device has an extended battery life of over 10 years, using 4 standard AA batteries.

  • AsystomSentinel EX – NEW product!

Global innovation, AsystomSentinel EX is the first fusion of triaxial vibration, sound and ultrasound sensors, specifically designed for hazardous environments.

Integrating the same anomaly detection performance as the other devices in the range, its ATEX / IECEx certifications and its intrinsic safety allow it to be used in areas at risk of explosion (Zone 1) of the petrochemical and chemical industries in particular.

It has a very long battery life (more than 10 years).