Lyon / Castelnaudary, 7th September 2021 

DATIVE,  a subsidiary of the GERARD PERRIER INDUSTRIE group,  a family-owned company specializing in electrical engineering, electronics and industrial automation,  and Asystom announce the signing of a partnership agreement to integrate the Asystom solution at the heart of the DATIVE industrial monitoring platform, thus combining their strengths in the optimization of maintenance and industrial processes.

Asystom has designed and put on the market a universal, turnkey and autonomous solution for the monitoring of  industrial equipment and the prevention of failures, the objective being to improve the profitability of production lines by avoiding unplanned shutdowns. This solution  includes measurement via external multi-sensor beacons  (integrating up to 9 physical parameters),  the detection of anomalies by monitoring the state of health of a machine and by monitoring the drifts from its initial operating digital footprint, autonomous and secure   real-time  data transfer,  data storage on a server,  as well as  all the tools for alerting and diagnosticoperation. It  is based on innovative products: multi-sensor beacons, entirely developed by internal R&D teams. Non-intrusive and compact, these beacons are positioned directly on the equipment to be monitored, without modification of the device and without additional wiring.

DATIVE develops and deploys DAT’Process, a monitoring and analysis platform for key data for the optimization of industrial processes, such as machine monitoring and energy performance. Like all DATIVE software, this solution is based on a proprietary and modular Middleware platform, DAT’Acquisition, allowing the aggregation, decoding and processing of multi-source and multi-protocol data. The integration of the Asystom beacon and pre-processing bricks within DAT’Acquisition allows both companies to offer a complete solution to manufacturers, including the managementof vibration analysis and other key parameters such as ultrasound and temperature, in an optimized platform available both on the cloud or on-premise.


“The Asystom teams benefit from real technical expertise in the field of vibration analysis, which they have been able to package within an intelligent, compact beacon perfectly adapted to the constraints of the industrial world. DATIVE had been looking for several months for a partner able to provide us with this type of solution while working on an integration model within our middleware platform, in order to offer manufacturers a truly modular solution adaptable to their needs, without the need for dependence on the cloud. This partnership strengthens our DAT’Process solution in the field of predictive maintenance, and allows us to go further in data analysis and correlations, thanks for example to the creation of algorithms and indicators combining vibration analysis with energy efficiency, or machine data from industrial plCs,” explains Lucille Khurana-Perrier, Director of DATIVE and member of the Management Board of Gérard Perrier Industrie.

    “Asystom  is very pleased to rely on DATIVE, a subsidiary of  Gérard  Perrier  Industrie, to offer our customers the integration of our solution with an ambitious and innovative middleware platform for  global  monitoring  of industrialprocesses.  The DAT’Process   platform  provides an effective response to the needs of companies to unify under the same floordifferent components necessary for the digitalization of their  process  or maintenance. In addition,it allows the merger between maintenance and process,  long awaitedby theindustry,”  explains André Naccache, CEO of Asystom.    


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Eurexpo Lyon – from 6 to 9 September 2021

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Created in 2016, by Pierre Naccache, supported by an experienced international team, Asystom is located in the Toulouse region (France). The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of universal intelligent monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance. Asystom already has a prestigious list of clients worldwide, as well as a growing team of strategic partners in diverse industries across the world.

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DATIVE is a subsidiary of the Gérard Perrier Industrie Group, a family-owned company specialising in electrical engineering, electronics and industrial automation (2400 employees). Created in 2020, DATIVE is the Group’s ‘digital’ entity, offering industrial digitalization solutions divided into two areas of expertise: Cloud-IoT-AI and Industrial Cybersecurity. In the field of IoT, DATIVE deploys several SaaS products for site monitoring and fleet management of industrial equipment.


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