Asystom launches AsystomAdvisor, a new building block of their current solution which will take AsystomPredict to a whole new era for monitoring industrial equipment.     

After two years of intensive development, Asystom is launching its breakthrough new features that complete and enhance their existing offer. 

One single interface allows users to access diagnostics, visualization of historical data, and remote configuration 

  • Suits the needs of every type of user from beginner to expert 
  • Enables digital maintenance at SCALE 
  • Check the health of ALL machines in just ONE look with Anomaly Detector. Through learning and alert automation, the indicators do the job for you 
  • In case of an anomaly, Incident Advisor ( the AI developed by Asystom)  is just a click away. It will give a probability of anomaly and its evolution. It will also list the possible root causes for an easier repair intervention.  
  • And of course, the Expert section is still available with ONE more click. This is where in depth data can be viewed with the ability to drill down on a specific section of a sound or vibratory spectrum, and access to raw data.  

 Let AsystomAdvisor take you beyond predictive maintenance  

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