Anglian Water awarded Asystom as a key supplier of its new framework to install condition-based monitoring (CBM) sensors on its pumping assets.

Anglian Water’s CBM programme will use Asystom multi sensor combining vibration, acoustic and temperature to monitor the condition of rotating and pumping assets and optimise asset performance. This programme will move Anglian Water towards a more proactive, condition-based approach to maintenance – constantly monitoring the health, performance, and efficiency of its assets to carry out pre-emptive work when needed to avoid costly repairs and extend asset life.  

Condition-based monitoring seeks to better predict and manage vulnerabilities in water and wastewater systems, such as leakage or blockages, through increased automation. While CBM has traditionally been used by petrochemical and pharmaceutical organisations, the water company is deploying it in this new way to transform how it understands and maintains its assets.  

Charlotte Stewart, Smart Water System Engineer for Anglian Water, said: “Delivering a reliable service for our customers and protecting our environment from leakage and pollution are the key tenets of what we do at Anglian Water. Condition-based monitoring will allow us to monitor the health of our pumping assets – on both the clean and wastewater networks – much more closely than ever before, meaning we can act quickly to prevent disruption for customers and damage to the environment.  

“We are really pleased to be working with Asystom on this new framework. Asystom provide unique monitoring solutions to suit a wide range of Anglian Water assets, meaning we have a more comprehensive view of our asset health than ever before – allowing us to drive down failures and improve our service to customers, all while reducing the costs associated with reactive maintenance.”  

Anglian Water is moving towards building a Smart Water Network, aligned with the SWAN model. Condition based monitoring forms an integral part of a Smart Water Network, providing insight and opportunities for early intervention and data driven decision making. It will allow Anglian Water to monitor and maintain assets based on their condition, to improve their efficiency, lifespan, and reliability. CBM will help to enable a more resilient service for the company’s more than 6 million customers across the East of England.  

André Naccache, Managing Director at Asystom said: “We are proud to be part of the CBM Anglian Water solution. Anglian Water has been a great customer to work with and is committed to their project. The initial pilot test, from installation to set-up and training, was achieved remotely and in record time, demonstrating the simplicity of implementing our solution. 

Our acoustic and vibration-based multi-sensor beacons have proven to be accurate and quick to deploy. Additionally, the use of AsystomAdvisor, our AI platform, has provided useful insight into the causes of failure with automatic diagnostic capability, all at an affordable cost.” 

This development comes as Anglian Water teams are also working to install more than 20,000 new pressure monitors on the company’s sewer network, providing another key element of the SWAN smart water network. These monitors will detect problems and troublesome blockages within sewer pipes, meaning issues can be found and fixed early, protecting the environment from pollution.  

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About Anglian Water:

Anglian Water supplies drinking water to 4.3 million customers across the East of England and collects and treats used water from over 6 million people. They operate within the largest geographical region of England and Wales. For more information, please contact the Press Office on 0871 677 0123. 

About Asystom:  

Created in 2016, by Pierre Naccache, supported by an experienced international team, Asystom is located in the Toulouse region (France). The company specializes in the development, manufacture and marketing of universal intelligent monitoring solutions for predictive maintenance. Asystom already has a prestigious list of clients worldwide, as well as a growing team of strategic partners in diverse industries across the world.  

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