Apollo, a front end and through life engineering and technology consultancy and Asystom, a specialist in universal smart monitoring for predictive maintenance, today announce a formal alliance to provide customers with an integrated asset management solution.

Apollo KnowHow™ is an industry agnostic data management solution that helps clients manage their asset integrity efficiently from anomalies to work planning, through inspection, fabric maintenance and reviewing and reporting.

Apollo KnowHow™ manages all equipment types including pressure systems, structures, subsea, Ex, dropped objects and practically any other equipment type in a single database, removing silo-based reporting.

The Asystom solution monitors and analyses any rotating machine and helps to predict anomalies wirelessly and non-intrusively with a simple installation. Sensors communicate through a LoRa network and data are encrypted end to end.

Asystom’s ATEX/IECEx sensors monitor not only heat and vibration, but uniquely ultrasound too, meaning customers have the earliest possible alert of drift (before any damage has occurred). They run on standard batteries (so no need for additional wiring), for up to 10 years without intervention. An additional advantage of Long Range is that due to its low frequency wireless transmission, the sensors can be positioned up to 1km away from the LoRA gateway.

Data is processed at the Edge on the sensors and then the information is transferred and stored in the cloud through an encrypted secure network and then accessible through Apollo KnowHow™

“Apollo KnowHow™ is a fantastic tool; you can immediately see the benefit it brings to clients. Most of ours say their biggest issue is finding the correct data. By collecting the data via AsystomPredict and delivering it to Apollo KnowHow™, clients are able to find the data and have it presented clearly, saving them huge sums of time and money. Together, this offers something cutting edge to the industry.” said Adrian McLellan, Managing Consultant, Asystom.

“Right now, especially, customers are looking for flexible solutions to meet the changing needs of their organizations” said Douglas Sinclair, Digital Applications Manager at Apollo. “The Asystom solution allows industry customers to increase their production by up to 25%, by predicting failures of equipment and transmitting all data in real time and accurately to the Apollo KnowHow™ system.  The information and alerts are then presented on an easy to-use dashboard, making it easy for our clients to see their data”. 

Press contact:

ASYSTOM: Adrian McLellan, 0044 7484 340832- a.mclellan@asystom.com

APOLLO: Roisean Farquhar – roisean.farquhar@apollo-oe.com

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