Asystom and ECBM are delighted to announce an international partnership. Based in Dusseldorf, Germany, ECBM will offer Asystom’s predictive maintenance technology across Europe to diverse industries, including Energy, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Utilities and Manufacturing.

ECBM work with their customers to create IoT and AI based digital services and processes. From strategy and economic feasibility study to the technical and organizational execution, they manage entire IoT and AI projects with the customer. As a technology independent IoT integrator, ECBM helps customers to chose and implement the best technologies for solving their individual challenges. In this way, ECBM enables them to develop new service offerings and to become even better and more efficient in their production.

Asystom’s solution is easily scalable, it monitors and analyses any rotating machine and helps to predict anomalies wirelessly and non-intrusively with a simple installation. Sensors communicate through a LoRaWAN  network, with data encrypted end to end. Asystom’s sensors monitor not only heat and vibration, but uniquely ultrasound too, meaning customers have the earliest possible alert of drift (before any damage has occurred). They run on standard AA batteries for up to 10 years without intervention and are controlled remotely.  An additional advantage is that the sensors can be positioned up to 1km away from the gateway. Data is processed at the Edge on the sensors, before being sent to a dedicated server either in the cloud or on premises and can also be integrated easily into a customer’s existing software/platforms.

Some insights from the new partnership

Adrian McLellan, Managing consultant at Asystom:

“We are delighted to partner with ECBM, whose expertise enables them to provide digital solutions for real problems. With digital technologies they optimize processes and develop business models; with Asytom’s innovative predictive maintenance solution they will enable their customers to optimize their assets, productivity and sustainability goals.”



Elisabeth Schloten , CEO at ECBM:

“We help our customers understand and leverage the power of the Internet of Things and Data Science to evolve or revolutionize their business models and processes. We support the entire digitization project from conception to operation, always taking into account their individual position, strengths and the market in which they operate.The Asystom solution supports especially our predictive maintenance and condition monitoring projects, making it easy for our clients to see their data on an intuitive dashboard and to take the necessary action to manage their assets, optimise productivity and minimise downtime.”