Your data can rest easy

AsystomInfra is an open architecture ready for full integration. Available on-cloud, or on-premise giving it maximum FLEXIBILITY, SECURITY & FUTURE PROOFING for your clients.

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Data transmission and storage with no compromise on security 

Asystom provides a secure end-to-end storage and data transfer service, in an open architecture. This dedicated space allows you to collect data already processed by the beacons. Linked to our visualization platform, this tool gives you capacity to visualize data in real time of all connected sentinel beacons on site.

Secured Wireless Architecture

Why chose Asystom ?

• Our solution ensures end-to-end security through state-of-the-art encryption and authentication schemes.

• Additionally, our cloud infrastructure guarantees complete isolation between customer data through a “one customer / one server” approach.

• If required, we offer the deployment of our entire solution on-premise including the server.


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The technology developed by Asystom can be adapted to numerous use cases. You can now test our predictive maintenance solution in-situ on 3 measuring points of your choice *

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