Slide Your turnkey, predictive maintenance intelligent solution

Our multi-sensor beacons

Accurate, autonomous and powerful, our B0-DLX Beacon has a real embedded intelligence. The beacon is based on a multitude of physical parameters (up to 14) to predict failures of industrial equipment. The B0-DLX beacons feature the latest generation of economical and connected multi-sensor technology, supported by an unparalleled computing power. All this in a miniaturized case holding in the palm of the hand !


Multiple features

Asystom B0-DLX have been specifically designed to meet predictive maintenance needs.

Why choosing Asystom

Thanks to an algorithmic revolutionary innovation, our beacons are able to process a large number of complex information. B0-DLX beacons are the only ones able to : integrate embedded electronics, be connected, be energy saving (autonomy from 2 to 7 years), perform in situ treatments with encrypted data, at the same time. Paired with external analysis tools, they give access to detailed diagnoses and make it possible to plan custom interventions.