Castelnaudary, June 15th, 2020

Lora Alliance

Asystom is proud to announce that the company joined the LoRa Alliance®.

Asystom is specialized in developing smart, autonomous solutions for Predictive Maintenance for a wide range of industrial equipment. The turnkey solution uses a beacon that is wireless and non-intrusive. It monitors, analyses and helps predicting anomalies on any type of machines; it can be installed in minutes. The intelligent beacons communicate through a LoRaWAN® network.

Thanks to a bi-directional communication between our web-based supervising application and the beacons, all settings and data analytics are remotely managed.

LoRaWAN brings a solid frame to our architecture, said André Naccache, Managing Directorat Asystom, LoRaWAN offers a reliable wireless communication between our intelligent IoT and the server. This energy efficient network allows our technology to work for years on batteries

LoRaWAN capabilities are ideal for implementation in predictive maintenance – it is secure, has low energy consumption and works across wide distances. We are pleased to welcome Asystom and its expertise in the growing market of predictive maintenance and look forward to the knowledge it will bring to the LoRa Alliance community, said Donna Moore, LoRa Alliance CEO & Chairwoman.”

IoT in Industry

Asystom is registered in France since 2016. The company is headquartered in Castelnaudary with office in Toulouse. The company specialized in development, manufacturing and commercialization of “Universal Smart Monitoring Solution for Predictive Maintenance”.